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We are one of the renowned Silk Manufacturers in Bangalore & Silk exporters in Bangalore and also exporters for natural silk fabrics in Bangalore, India. We have been engaged in the production and exports of quality fabrics since 1991 and are growing as it pursues new marketing opportunities around the globe. We specialize in dupion silk fabrics, Taffetas, Organza, Stripes, Pintech, printed and embroidery natural fabric export.

About SILK

Silk is the most beautiful of all textile fibers and is acclaimed as the "queen of textiles". It is protein fiber with wool and hair. The various types of Silk are:

• Oak Tasar& Tropical Tasar
• Muga
• Eri

Geographically, Asia is the main producer of silk in the world and produces over 95 % of the total global output. Though there are over 40 countries on the world map of silk, bulk of it is produced in China and India, followed by Japan, Brazil and Korea. China is the leading supplier of silk to the world.

Silk Industry in India

India is the second largest producer of silk and also the largest consumer of silk in the world. It has a strong tradition and culture bound domestic market of silk. In India, mulberry silk is produced mainly in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jammu & Kashmir and West Bengal, while the non-mulberry silks are produced in Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Orissa and north-eastern states.

With sericulture activities spread across 52,360 villages, the Indian silk industry is one of the largest generators of employment and foreign exchange for the country. India enjoys a unique global position in terms of production of all commercially useful varieties of silk. The industry provides employment to over 8.25 million people in the country. The statistics show:

• Over April-February 2017-18, export of silk and silk products from India stood at US$ 198.96 million.
• And, the silk products exported include natural silk yarns, fabrics, made-ups, readymade garments, silk carpets and silk waste.

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